Free Rap Instrumental Beats

Although to some, rap is nothing more than glorified talking with bells, beats, and whistles in the background, to many others it is a fascinating and mindblowing artform. It is to some people, all they think about. Many kids and young adults look at rap as a way out of the life of which they are living at the moment. It is to them, their escape into a world that on the outside, seems to be a million times better than the world they are currently in. Make no mistake about it, just because you want to rap, does not automatically put you in the rap world. One of the tools that you will need is the bells, beats, and whistles.

You can find these sounds on the net. You can find a variety of helpful free instrumental rap beats that will assist you in your chosen career. Whether you want to rap, produce rap music, or if all you like to do is listen to these awseome beats, there are many sites to choose from. Some are even free! check out these few smokin sites for some free stuff; ,, or Of course there are many more free sites.

Of course,there are paid sites that offer much more than the freebies. If you are serious about your rap, then you may want to check this rap beat site out.